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Sol Flower is a small family farm located 80 miles west of St. Louis.  We have a passion for Sunflowers, but we do grow several other varieties too!  We do not use synthetic fertilizers, chemicals or sprays.  Our flowers are truly sustainable and locally grown.  We are dedicated to producing high quality, organic blooms!  We believe that locally grown flowers are necessary for a healthy ecosystem.   We use sustainable practices when producing our blooms because we believe in honoring Mother Earth, being mindful of all creatures and that our planet is worth fighting for!  We are dedicated to the local flower movement, and are proud to be part of the change.  As a family farm, we value our community, and are truly grateful for all the support we receive from other farmers, gardeners and friends.  We can't wait to share our locally grown blooms with you! 

Love and Sunshine, The Davis Family

EST. 2017

Sol Flower Farm
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